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Magnetic Particle Inspection & Testing

Amerapex is a leading provider of NDT services, including NDT using magnetic particle The experienced, skilled magnetic particle testing (MT) technicians at Amerapex will detect surface and sub-surface defects in ferromagnetic metals, such as iron, cobalt, nickel and some alloys. Because defects can cause major integrity problems, companies around the world in many industries need magnetic particle testing (MT) and other NDT inspection methods to ensure compliance with quality control programs and standards.

Amerapex’s NDT Magnetic Particle Testing Applications

MT is a fast, relatively simple and low-cost method of surface inspection. It is used to detect surface and sub-surface cracks in castings, forgings and welds that are often not visible to the eye.  MT is also used in inspection applications for pipelines to check for stress corrosion cracking.

Because Amerapex’s services are in demand across the energy sector, the MT technicians are experienced in inspections in the petroleum, chemical process, water and water treatment plants, renewable energy and many others.

Direct magnetization occurs when an electric current is passed through the part, attracting the magnetic particles to the cracks or breaks in the magnetic field. The magnetic particles can be in a wet or dry suspension. Careful evaluation by Amerapex’s highly-qualified MT technicians determine what action should be taken next.

The Many Benefits of Amerapex’s Commitment to Quality

Safety is first at Amerapex and it shows in their services, including NDT inspections. In addition, Amerapex personnel are committed to quality, while meeting new NDT standards and codes for ASTM and ASME. Amerapex is dedicated to helping their clients achieve the highest Return on Investment (ROI). One way that they do so is with their experienced Project Execution Teams. Consisting of Project Managers, Control Specialists, Schedulers, Cost Engineers and Quality and Safety Inspectors and Managers, these teams utilize a control methodology to ensure consistent project execution.

Amerapex’s Global Presence in Magnetic Particle Testing NDT

The headquarters for Amerapex are located in Houston, Texas; however, Amerapex has operations in many countries including, Canada, Libya, Iraq, Indonesia, Mexico and Brazil, as well as others. Magnetic particle testing, as well as a wide variety of other NDT services, are available from Amerapex.

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