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Storage Tank Inspections

Amerapex has extensive experience and an arsenal of technologies to ensure quality and proficiency of Above Ground Storage Inspections in accordance with API 653. Our technologies and procedures save both time and money while providing the highest quality inspection and reporting.


Advantages for Tank Inspections are that we can analyze 100% of the tank floor, shell and roof utilizing our EMAT Technology and the areas to be inspected do not have to be as clean as when technologies such as MFE/MFL are used; thus, saving clients both time and money. The remote operations of the EMAT crawler allows Amerapex to minimize the use of scaffolds. We are able to straddle welds for inspections via transmission techniques. The size of the tank or the manufacturing (i.e welded or riveted) of the tank is not a factor. Liquid Level verification allows us to determine if level gauges are functioning properly as well as detect moisture on the bottom of the tank floor. Finally our laser scanning allows us to accurately measure large areas of pitting for accurate remaining life calculations.


• API 653 Visual Inspections
• EMAT Tank Floor, Shell & Roof, HAZ and Lap Joint Weld Inspections
• Liquid Level Verification
• Helium leak testing
• Settlement/Foundation Inspections
• Vacuum Box leak testing
• B-Scan Ultrasonic Inspection
• Under floor moisture survey (Locate trapped moisture and product)