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Storage Tank Inspections

Amerapex NDT can prove to be an invaluable asset to any tank integrity program.  Our final report turnover time for typical out-of-service inspection averages 7 working days or less and is presented in a format that is easy to review and aid in repair outlines.

Amerapex staff is well-versed in tank integrity and can provide the following services:

  • API 653 Out-of-Service Inspections
  • API 653 In-Service Inspections
  • MFL Bottom Scans
  • Foundation Evaluations
  • Floating Roof Seal Inspections
  • A-CAD Drawings
  • Safe Fill Verses Specific Gravity Calculations
  • Post Repair Inspection and Documentation Updates
  • Verticality & Roundness Surveys
  • STI SP-001 Inspections
  • SPCC Inspection & Data Collection for Categorizations.
  • UL Tank Inspections
  • AWWA Tank Inspections
  • Containment Area Evaluations
  • Ultrasonic Crawler, A-Scan, B-Scan and C-Scan (AUT) or basic pole.
  • Ultrasonic Shearwave (UTSW)
  • Ultrasonic Thickness (UTT)
  • Phased Array (PAUT)
  • Magnetic Particle (MT)
  • Dye Penetrant (PT)
  • Vacuum Box (LT/BT)
  • Submersible ROV (for Water Tanks)

Additional Services:

  • API 510 & API 570
  • Turn Around Services
  • Advance NDT and Specialty Applications

 Storage Tank Inspection Sample Report

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