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Instrument Engineering and Design Services

As part of our EPCM services, Amerapex Corporation provides field instrumentation engineering and design services to support oil and gas facilities, pipelines, refineries, and petrochemical plants. These services include defining requirements, developing technical specifications, providing technical calculations, evaluating bidder offerings, recommending suppliers, monitoring vendor documentation, and producing associated design documents.

Amerapex Corporation provides instrument engineering, design, and site support services for many types of field instruments and valves including:

  • Transmitters (Electronic, Pneumatic, Displacer, etc.)
  • Valves (Control, Shut-off, Relief, Motor Operated Valves, Solenoid Valves, etc.)
  • In-Line Instrumentation (Orifice Plates, Turbine Meters, Vortex Meters, Rotameters, Magnetic Flow Meters, Positive Displacement Meters, Venturi Meters, etc.)
  • Process Switches, Displacer Switches, and Receiver Switches
  • Thermocouples and RTDs
  • Level Gauges
  • Pressure and Temperature Gauges
  • Annunciators
  • Local Control Panels
  • Analyzers

Amerapex Corporation can also:

  • provide field instrument locations
  • provide instrument installation details
  • provide instrument indexes
  • provide instrumentation input for P&IDs
  • verify instrument connections for vessels
  • identify self-powered instrument requirements
  • provide flange up documents to connect to automation systems

Amerapex Corporation’s on-site instrumentation support services also include:

  • verify wiring
  • participate in acceptance testing
  • calibrate instrumentation
  • carry out loop checks
  • update as-built documentation