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Automation Engineering Services

Plant Modernization and Automation Services

Amerapex Corporation provides automation services to support Oil and Gas facilities, pipelines, refineries, and petrochemical plants. Amerapex Corporation provides full automation engineering, design and site support services for:

  • Distributed Control Systems
  • Emergency Shutdown Systems
  • Fire and Gas Systems
  • SCADA Systems
  • Vibration Monitoring Systems
  • Wellhead Control Panels
  • Analyzers & Sampling Systems
  • Field Instrumentation including smart transmitters

Plant Profitability Improvement Services

Amerapex Corporation offers services to add high-level technologies to improve to improve performance and profitability. These technologies can include:

  • Multi variable predictive control applications
  • Inferential properties calculations
  • DCS resident advanced controls
  • Blending Applications (Gasoline, Diesel, Fuel Oil, Crude)
  • Optimization packages

Dynamic Simulation Services

Amerapex Corporation provides Process and Training simulators. These can provide:

  • Testing of process changes
  • Improvement of control strategies
  • Validating process change expectations
  • Training operators to control facilities in an efficient manner as well as meet regulatory requirements

Information Technology Services

Amerapex Corporation provides Information Technology services to analyze, evaluate and recommend improvements to existing plant applications and IT infrastructure. We provide expertise in real time performance management systems and enterprise application integration, process information systems, laboratory information management systems, and business systems. Amerapex can provide custom interfaces to existing plant systems to allow continuing use of existing IT infrastructure. Amerapex has full capabilities to provide engineering, design, project execution and site support services for IT applications.