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Guided Wave Testing

Amerapex / Guided Wave Testing

At Amerapex Corporation, technical professionals use the most advanced technology to create strategies and solutions. Among these is guided wave testing as a means of Non Destructive Testing (NDT) for corrosion within pipes. Your company can rely on Amerapex for guided wave services, as well as a host of other tools.


Long Range Ultrasonic Testing (UT) measurements, along with operational support and thorough guided wave analysis, are only some of the benefits of partnering with Amerapex. Many more benefits are available, depending on your industry and needs. Beyond guided wave testing, the company offers other NDT methods.

Amerapex’s Approach to Guided Wave Testing (Guided Wave UT)

Through a Magnetostrictive Sensor (MsS) Guided Wave System, Amerapex performs long range ultrasonic inspections on various types of pipe and piping circuits, and within an array of industries. While more traditional guide wave methods might deal with up to 12 foot “dead zones,” Amerapex encounters “minimal dead zones” and no piping inspection size restrictions, while still providing great accuracy for guided wave UT.

MsS pinpoints amplitude shifts in ultrasonic returned signals. To accomplish this, the system first bonds, or couples, iron and cobalt strips to the piping and then conditions, or magnetizes, the strip. A ribbon cable and frequency-specific cord adapter are attached, and a torsional ultrasonic wave is induced into the pipe well. Pipe features, like welds, supports and defects, interact with these waves. The MsS Computer system receives the interactions in the form of a signal, which appears in reported scans. Unknown features, including defects, are sought out with the intent of identifying, labeling and addressing them, if need be. Traditional UT acts as a follow up measure for important, unknown indications. Ultimately, this approach saves money and time by reducing the number of required technicians and providing highly accurate guided wave inspection results.

Guided wave testing is applicable to a range of situations, including soil to air and underground piping, Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI), heater tubes, pipe supports and CML/TML relocation. High temperature guided wave testing is also available.

Guide Wave Services on a Global Scale

While it is based in Houston, Texas, Amerapex works with companies in the wider United States of America, Iraq, Brazil, Libya, Mexico, Indonesia and several others. Industries they often assist with guided wave analysis include renewable energy, oil and gas, petrochemical plants, pipelines and refineries. All clients enjoy the personalized attention of a complete project management staff with schedulers, quality control, logistics specialists and safety experts.

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Don’t entrust the inspection of your pipes to just anyone. Guide wave services could make all the difference to the structural integrity of your business, and Amerapex is up to the challenge. Contact us today via telephone or the Internet.