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Mechanical Integrity Equipment Testing


Your plant equipment and personnel are the assets you rely on in order to succeed in today’s competitive business environment.  Government regulations, Safety of your employees and reliability of your equipment are some reasons you have the responsibility to upkeep your equipment. Mechanical Integrity Testing is the most effective and economic way to accomplish this. Mechanical Integrity is a technique used in the industry to test or analyze your equipment without causing any damage.  Amerapex offers a wide range of Mechanical Integrity NDT services to assure you that your plant equipment is operating reliably and safely, and that all required maintenance is being identified, scheduled, and performed in the most cost-effective manner possible.

Amerapex is a full service engineering/inspection company with extensive experience and knowledge in all phases of the hydrocarbon and process industries. We provide a variety of general and advanced NDT services such as:

  • UT, MT, PT, VT
  • MFE
  • MFL
  • Shear Wave
  • Phased Array
  • API

These are just some of the inspection methods we offer and can be used in a combination for more effective results. Amerapex can help you achieve your inspection goals in the most cost-efficient, safe, and timely manner.

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