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CML/TML Relocation Process

The patent pending CML/TML relocation process takes the guesswork out of finding corrosion and pitting for efficient and accurate CML/TML placements in API 570 Piping Inspection Code. This is the wave of the future for safety and reliability in refining, petrochemical, pipelines and oil & gas facilities.

Undetected rust, pitting or corrosion in any pipeline, piping circuit, or structural member involved in production or transport can cause leakage, fire, explosion and disaster.

Until now, the only methods of testing for and identifying these problems have been hit-or-miss techniques that are both labor intensive and costly.

Now a patent pending process from Amerapex Corporation promises a revolution in NDT testing of refining, petrochemical, pipelines and oil & gas facilities and structures.

The Amerapex Guided Wave System exactly pinpoints problem areas, acting like an industrial MRI to take the guess work out of finding and remediating corrosion and pitting. This new technology can detect the smallest flaw (2% or less variation of the cross-sectional area) in up to several hundred feet from a single testing location. The Labor cost savings in testing processes alone amount to millions of dollars. The savings from finding problems before they cause a catastrophe is incalculable.

One major refiner estimates that the Amerapex Guided Wave System CML/TML Location Process can result in a 10 year labor cost savings of over $1 billion dollars in their multiple refineries. This savings estimate does not include the approximate $5 million-plus daily downtime costs that can result from repairs not being identified in a sufficient amount of time to allow a planned repair time period.

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