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Pipeline Integrity & Inline Inspection

Amerapex’s Inline Inspection tools provide the precision and insight you need for accurate scan and analysis of your pipeline. Based on proven magnetic flux leakage (MFL) technology, our equipment reliably gathers the data required to detect metal loss and hard spots. The superior design and materials used to develop Amerapex’s Inline Inspection (ILI) tools, such as titanium tool bodies and diamond inlayed tri-axial sensor bends, means you are getting the most reliable ILI tool available on the market today. Our suite of MFL tools is designed to work at high temperatures and pressures, delivering unfiltered, high-resolution data even in the most hostile environments.

The MFL technique uses powerful magnets to magnetize the steel in the pipeline. As the tool passes through the pipeline, changes to the magnetic field are precisely measured. Where corrosion or thinning has occurred, the magnetic flux is distorted, providing information on the location and size of the anomaly.

  • After cleaning, the dense caliper arms of the Deformation tool accurately detects and quantifies pipeline features such as dents, ovalities, and wall thickness changes.
  • Then MFL sensor arrays provide comprehensive feature and metal loss detection that allows for accurate identification and sizing during the analysis process.
  • Get precision mapping of your pipeline with our value added, low-drift, inertial mapping units (IMU).
  • Encased inside the rugged tool design is a sensitive electronics system that uses a distributed processing method that allows for the most efficient high-speed collection of real-time data available today.
Amerapex Integrity Solutions Inline Inspection Tools
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