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NDT Training and Certification Services

NDT Training and Certification is critical to process business operations because so much is at stake. One small miscalculation or oversight could have disastrous consequences that extend beyond the business’ bottom line. Certifications are required in order to conduct certain tests, and all certification requirements are set by the industry.

Amerapex is a Houston, Texas-based leading provider of testing services for process industries around the world. In addition to providing these services and conducting these tests on behalf of our clients, we can train your employees to conduct the testing in-house. Our certified trainers are available to teach technicians and engineers how to use conventional and advanced NDT inspection techniques.

NDT Training With Amerapex

Certified Level III technicians conduct all of our trainings. This is the highest level of certification available in the NDT field. These technicians are skilled at developing procedures, interpreting codes and standards, and selecting the right NDT technique for the job, and they train all of our own Level I and II technicians. We follow American National Standards Institute (ANSI) certification guidelines set by the American Society for Non-Destructive Testing (ASNT).

Customized Training Based On Your Needs

During the training, your chosen staff will learn about specific NDT techniques and how to properly conduct testing and analyze the results for each technique. Depending on the level of training desired, students may be limited in what they will learn and, consequently, what tests they’ll be able to conduct. For example:

Level I certification – qualifies technicians to perform very specific tasks with little to no deviation from the established procedure.

Level II certification – these technicians have a bit more responsibility. They are able to set up, calibrate, and test equipment, perform the inspection, analyze, document, and report results. They may supervise lower level technicians and are themselves responsible for knowing and understanding all applicable codes, standards, and regulations related to the specific procedures for which they have been certified.

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