Amerapex Corporation provides Technology and Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management Services, Seismic Services, Non-Destructive Testing Services, and Renewable Energy Projects and Technologies for the process industries worldwide. We also provide Technical Staffing for energy sector Clients. Amerapex can provide equity financing for qualified projects.

Amerapex Corporation offers:

    • Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Management Services including:
      • Oil & Gas Facilities, Pipelines, Refineries and Petrochemical Plants including process revamps, unit additions, and de-bottlenecking projects, and water treatment plants.
      • Feasibility Studies, Front End Engineering Designs, Detail Engineering, and site works.
      • Multi-discipline engineering staff coupled with experienced project management.
      • Procurement Management & Sourcing solutions for managing the entire purchasing cycle allowing both localized order execution and global supplier access.
      • Alternative Energy Projects such as Biodiesel process technology and full process and full scale multi-discipline engineering services for renewable energy projects.
      • Water and Wastewater Projects including industrial and municipal water treatment plants, distribution pipelines and networks.
      • Automation Services for process facilities from feasibility studies, benefit analysis, multi-discipline engineering to project management and installation services. Also, Amerapex provides improved Process Profitability through the implementation of process control, optimization , and simulation technology solutions
    • Seismic Services for Oil and Gas Exploration and Production including seismic services such as technical support (Geophysicists, etc.) assigned to Iraq.
    • Non-Destructive Testing Services utilizing Amerapex proprietary inspection methods (patent pending). NDT services to detect corrosion and assess its causes.
    • Renewable energy solutions in biodiesel through proprietary process technology providing maximized yield, low operating cost and significantly lower capital cost.
    • Environmental solutions ranging from sludge removal and processing to water treatment, and waste handling.
    • Technical Staffing services for energy sector Clients.
    • Project financing through investment and equity in specific energy projects both domestically and in the international energy market with focus on renewable energy projects domestically and oil field developments internationally.

News & Articles

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    Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) is an extremely common occurrence and makes up a huge chunk of pipeline maintenance costs. Even though we know about CUI and understand what causes it, the struggle remains to prevent corrosion and mitigate its’ effects. What Is CUI? Corrosion Under Insulation is just what it sounds like: corrosion of the […]


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    May 13, 2015

    Research & Development is a critical part of any industry and the non-destructive testing (NDT) industry is no exception. The structural integrity of pipelines is vital to the safe transport of petroleum and other liquids around the world and the ageing pipeline infrastructure is necessitating the need for better, more frequent, more effective, and more […]


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    April 6, 2015

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