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Wind turbine blades are exposed to different levels of stress and require routine maintenance and inspection. Amerapex offers Windmill Blade Inspection services to help ensure the reliability and safety of these assets.

Two main asset management services Amerapex offers for Wind Turbine Inspection are:

Windmill Blade Inspection
Ensures Structural Integrity

Highly Versatile

Time Efficient


Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing (PAUT) uses multi-element transducers to create and transmit ultrasonic beam fronts at a variety of angles simultaneously to identify and size defects across a variety of materials.

Phased array uses 16 to 128 elements (small transducers in one probe) to create ultrasonic beam fronts that encompass up to 40 different angles into the part under examination. This creates distinct advantages over conventional ultrasonics by giving the technician more coverage over the area interest. This enables inspections to be much faster and more efficient.


Industrial Rope Access is primarily used for inspecting, maintaining or repairing assets that can’t be reached by traditional means of access.

Amerapex’s Rope Access technicians are certified to complete a variety of traditional and advanced non-destructive testing, inspection services, as well as maintenance services. We specialize in providing solutions for the most challenging projects. Our team of experienced professionals can help you tackle those challenges, as well as perform them in the most cost-effective and orderly manner.


API Inspections

Phased Array

Shearwave Inspection