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Amerapex assists clients evaluate degraded equipment/components while in-service and empowers them with the technical information required to make decisions on repair, re-rating or decommissioning. Level I, II, and III quantitative engineering evaluations are performed as per API 579-1/ASME FFS-1 Fitness-For-Service to demonstrate both the pressure retaining and/or structural integrity of in-service equipment components and structures that has a flaw or damage reported.

Thermographic Image of Industrial Piping System
FFS Statement

Prevent Loss of Primary Containment

Compliance Demonstration


  • Damage classification
  • General metal loss assessment
  • Local metal loss assessment
  • Pitting corrosion assessment
  • Non-growing crack-like flaw assessment
  • Growing crack-like flaw assessment
  • Brittle fracture assessment
  • Fire damage assessment
  • Creep damage assessment
  • Fatigue damage assessment
  • Misalignment & shell distortion assessment
  • Dents, gouges, or dent & gouge assessment
  • Laminations assessment
  • Pipeline span assessment and FMEA modeling
  • Equipment design and suitability for service assessment
  • Equipment strategy, piping, and structural FMEA modeling
  • FFS procedure strategy and template development
  • Equipment piping and structural FMEA modeling


Corrosion Under Insulation

Shearwave Inspection

Guided Wave