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HEXIS – Heat Exchanger Integrated Services

HEXIS (Heat Exchanger Integrated Services) is a complete, automated, industrial cleaning and inspection system that performs high pressure water jetting, air lance drying, non-destructive testing, and visual inspections of heat exchanger tube bundles. The key benefit to utilizing HEXIS is that it saves TIME by combining these services and reduces the need for equipment movement, mitigates unneeded stand-by time, reduces work force size and eliminate rework to help preserve deadlines and budgets. By utilizing HEXIS, your heat exchanger tube bundles will be cleaned and inspected in a fraction of the time thus you are back online significantly faster.

Amerapex Corporation understands that in today’s ever-evolving market, clients that perform scheduled routine and turnaround projects, are driven more than ever to adhere to safety, schedule, and budget demands.

One of the areas recognized lacking efficiency was the cleaning and examination of heat exchangers. Beyond these benefits, HEXIS is also an automated solution, which increases efficiency and repeatability, as well as, increase safety through technology.

The benefits of employing an all-in-one cleaning and inspection system are clear. By using HEXIS in your next turnaround, you will:

    • Achieve inspection quality cleaning of all heat exchanger tube bundles
    • Ensure all tube bundles pass inspection and are ready to be returned to operation
    • Eliminate unnecessary downtime by conducting cleaning and inspecting simultaneously.
    • Increase safety for personnel through automation
    • Eliminate costly rework thus preserving your deadlines
    • Proceed through the cleaning and inspection process faster and more efficiently than ever before
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