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PMI Techs – Pasadena, TX (6 Week assignment)

Turnaround Starts in September

Job Description

General Accountability:
PMI experienced technician in Non-Destructive Examination methods including XRF and other industrial inspection methods with the ability to be dispatched on most job applications commonly requested by Amerapex.


  • Set-up / tear-down of equipment;
  • Perform routine and preventive maintenance tasks, calibrations and overall equipment and upkeep at jobsite;
  • Conduct examinations with appropriate NDE technique;
  • Interpret, evaluate, and document results;
  • Direct and train assistants and/or Level-I personnel.


  • Must be familiar with the scope and limitations of the method in which certified and be able to perform job duties with little or no assistance;
  • Must have an eight (8) hour PMI training certificate.
  • Must be familiar with the codes, standards and other contractual project documents;
  • Must be computer literate (i.e., Microsoft Word and Excel);
  • Ability to complete required reports for both technical and radiation safety;
  • Excellent communication skills with the ability to work in a team environment;
  • Understanding and proper use of basic hand tools at a construction site;
  • Ability to speak and hear clearly while communicating with staff, management and clients;
  • High school graduate or equivalent;
  • Current NDE Certifications (Preferred)- Level II Certification in at least 1 minor methods (MT, PT, UTT) and meet the minimum requirements for a Level I in RT. Must have copies of all certifications.
  • Possess a valid driver’s license and clean driving record;
  • Must possess a certificate from 40hours of Radiation Safety;
  • Able to pass an FBI background check, drug/alcohol test and other pre-employment testing;
  • Preferably already possess a TWIC card and valid passport;
  • Must have nights, weekends and in town as well as out of town availability.

Work Conditions:
The job is subject to various weather conditions both inside and outside environments in various industries such as nuclear site, petrochemical and oil refineries. There may be some confined spaces work and working at heights. Conditions are often very hot and dirty.

Physical Demands:
Must be in good physical condition to deal with the stress of working under the adverse work conditions described above. Candidate cannot have a fear of heights or tight spaces. Physical and visual activities include standing, walking, sitting, lifting, carrying, pushing, pulling, climbing, stepping, crawling, reaching, twisting, bending, handling, and laying on back as needed. Duties often include carrying heavy equipment (>50 lbs) far distances, up, and down multiple flights of stairs. Must be able to support own weight in roped safety harness. Able to work 40-60 hours a week. May be required to drive a company vehicle pulling a trailer to and from job sites.

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