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Water and Wastewater Treatment

Amerapex Corporation provides services for water and wastewater focused on the Iraq market. We provide engineering, procurement and site services for various types of equipment utilized in municipal water and wastewater services, industrial applications, mining and minerals, and water injection. Amerapex can provide pumps, emergency generators, tanks, piping, overhead cranes, compressors, valves, instrumentation, and other components used in water and wastewater services. We can also supply intake designs.

Amerapex Corporation is WesTech Engineering Inc.’s authorized representative for Iraq. WesTech supplies process equipment for water, wastewater and industrial applications. From screening and headworks to tertiary treatment, from petrochemical process to water reclamation and drinking water, for small communities to large cities and factories, WesTech offers standard and custom process solutions for efficient solids-liquid separation. WesTech has grown to become one of the major suppliers in the process equipment industry today. Thousands of WesTech equipment installations are working around the clock in United States and around the world. Amerapex also provides logistic services for in-country delivery of equipment inside Iraq.

Amerapex provides engineers to provide site support for our work in Iraq. Our personnel have had extensive training at WesTech’s factory in the United States on how to assist in installation and startup of equipment. They are also experienced with other equipment used in water and wastewater applications such as emergency generators, compressors, etc.

Engineering & Design

Amerapex provides engineering and design services and equipment supply to various industrial plant processes and to municipalities involved with Water, Wastewater, and Reclaimed Water Projects. Amerapex provides full service Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Management services including Studies, Master Plans, FEED, Detail Design and Site Commissioning.

Industrial Processes

Amerapex provides services and products for solids—liquid separation. Our Clients are from the Oil Industry, the Petrochemical Industry, Power Plants, Mining and Minerals areas.

Oil and Petrochemicals

Oil and Petrochemical applications can involve Raw Water, Produced Water, Oily Water and Wastewater sources. Typical solutions may involve providing services for designing and supplying Clarifiers, API Separators, Thickeners, Filters, and Ultrafiltration Systems. Solutions can also involve Chemical Treatment and Biological Systems.

Power Plants

Power Plant applications can involve Raw Water, Cooling Tower Blowdowns, Flue Gas De-Sulfurization and Wastewater. Typical solutions can involve Filtration, Sedimentation and Metals Removals, De-Watering, Softening, and Turbidity Reductions. Equipment requirements may include new scrubbers, various types of filters and clarifiers.

Mining and Minerals

Mining and Minerals applications can involve Tailings, Acid Mine Drainage, and Solvent Extraction. Equipment solutions may involve Thickeners, Grit removal equipment, Clarifiers, Belt Filters and Package Treatment Plants.

Municipal Plants

Amerapex provides services and products for Municipal Water and Wastewater Plants. These services also help to ensure plants comply with legal requirements. Our Clients include various local government municipalities.

Municipal Water Plants

Municipal Water Plant applications can involve clean water derived from Ground Water and Surface

Water Treatment. Processes used include Aeration, Filtration, Softening, Flocculation, Residual Handling, Screening, and Sediment Removal. Typical solutions can include equipment such as Filters, Clarifiers, Screens, Thickeners, and Package Treatment Plants.

Municipal Wastewater Plants

Municipal Wastewater Plant applications can involve

Headworks, Clarification, Thickening, Biological Treatment, Tertiary Filtration, and Digestion. Typical solutions can involve thickening, flotation, mixing, screening and filtration. Typical equipment solutions may include clarifiers, thickeners, mixers, screens, pressure filters, Ultrafiltration systems, Package Treatment Plants, and gas storage systems.

International Experience

Amerapex has worked with Clients within the USA including Alaska, and at international locations such as Nigeria, Iraq, Libya, Angola, Canada, and Indonesia among others. We understand doing business globally. Amerapex is familiar with providing in-country logistics, security, and local support.

Amerapex works effectively with various foreign companies in executing contracts. Amerapex understands the importance of working with local companies to ensure knowledge transfer and after project support is in place.

Local Amerapex Support in Iraq

Amerapex has trained field support staff available in Iraq to provide our Clients with start up and commissioning support of supplied Water and Wastewater equipment.