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Guided Wave NDT Services

Amerapex uses a Magnetostrictive Sensor (MsS) Guided Wave System to perform long range ultrasonic inspections on a wide array of pipeline and piping circuits across many different industries. There are several benefits to using the Amerapex Guided wave system over other guided wave methods. The benefits include but are not limited to: No size restrictions on piping inspections and much smaller near field effects (as low as 2 inches) as compared to other systems which have “dead zones” as large as 12 feet.

The MsS System detects amplitude shifts in ultrasonic returned signals. The system uses a process of coupling or bonding iron/cobalt (FeCo) strips to piping, conditioning (magnetizing) the strip, attaching a ribbon cable and frequency-specific cord adaptor, and inducing a torsional ultrasonic wave into the pipe wall. These torsional waves interact with the various features of the pipe (welds, pipe supports, defects, etc.), and those interactions return to the MsS Computer system as the signals shown in the scans provided in this report.

When signals are detected by the MsS system, the goal is to visually identify and label all known features of the pipe (welds, pipe supports, etc.), in order to discover whether there are any unknown features (defects, ID tags, etched numbers/letters, etc.) of the pipe that have been detected.

Once the MsS Inspection of a location is complete, any relevant unknown indications are followed up with ultrasonic thickness (UT) measurement.

This particular method drastically saves time and money when compared to traditional methods of UT. Scanning large amounts of piping in one location cuts down on the amount of technicians being used to accomplish the same task as well as increases accuracy in comparison to random UT samples.

Below are several applications in which the Amerapex Guided Wave system is the most effective form of inspection.

Soil to Air Interface NDT Inspection
Soil to Air
Buried Pipe
Buried Pipe
Pipe Support NDT Inspection
Pipe Supports
CML TML Relocation
CML/TML Relocation
Heater Tube Inspection
Heater Tubes
CUI NDT Inspection
CUI Inspection
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