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Stop Work Authority Recognition: Travis Guidry

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24 Jun

Stop Work Authority Recognition: Travis Guidry

Amerapex recognizes Travis Guidry’s excellent work in issuing two Stop Work Authorities at a recent turnaround.

As Amerapex’s company value of Safety states, “Amerapex is dedicated to safety and security, the elimination of hazards and protecting people, property and our environment.” Travis issued not one, but two, Stop Work Authorities within just a few days of one another.

Travis’ first Stop Work Authority involved observing a contractor executing a lift that put a confined space attendant underneath a suspended load. He suspended operations and involved Safety to establish effective communication between all contractors in the area.

Travis’ second Stop Work Authority issued involved observing a contractor who was getting ready to rig up and remove a ladder cage that was posed as the sole access and egress on a tower that inspectors were currently working in. He momentarily suspended operations to establish a plan of action on how the inspectors were to exit the tower safely.

Great work, Travis!