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NDT Classes

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6 Feb

NDT Classes

What To Expect From NDT Training And Certification Services In Houston, TX

Texas is a major employment hotspot for NDT technicians. As such, there are many organizations in the Houston, TX area that offer NDT training and certification services. Is it important to find a school that provides a combination of classroom theory and practical application.

Different Types Of NDT Training And Certification Services

There are many different ways to complete the educational requirements of becoming a NDT technician. Each method allows students to fulfill all of the formal training requirements needed to become qualified and certified in NDT methods.

Training options include:

  • Classroom settings. Attending the training in a traditional school setting allows students to interact with other students from several different organizations and backgrounds and discuss the lessons one-on-one with the trainer. This method is used by students who are not yet employed in the NDT field, those who prefer school settings, and those whose employers are not able to provide on-site training.
  • On-site/employer-based training. On-site training is often offered by employers who have several employees who need training or who want to minimize employee travel time and expenses, particularly if the employment location is far from traditional training schools and classes. These classes may be administered by the employer or by an independent third-party.
  • Online training. Web-based training is at the student’s own pace and can be done at times that are convenient for them. This method is particularly helpful for those who are too far away from Houston, TX training opportunities or whose schedules are not conducive to traditional training.

Qualification Vs. Certification

Don’t get confused by NDT Qualification versus NDT Certification. They are two different things and students need both in order to become a NDT inspector.

  • Qualification is made up of three different components: school classes, school examinations, and work experience. Students learn the theory and applications behind different NDT methods and get hands-on experience using the tools and techniques needed to conduct inspections. There are three different levels of qualification for NDT methods: Level I, Level II, and Level III. The basic requirements are similar, but additional skills are required to advance to higher levels.
  • Certification is written testimony from an employer that an employee has met the training and experience requirements of the employer’s Written Practices that are necessary to perform a specific inspection method. Certification is tied to employment. Once the employee leaves the employ of the certifying company, they aren’t certified any longer and will need to be re-certified by a new employer.

Prospective NDT inspectors have to be trained and certified in every different NDT method that you want to perform, so they may need to go through the qualification and certification process several times.


NDT Qualification Instructors are highly skilled specialists who must have the skills, ability, and knowledge to plan, organize, and present classroom materials, oversee laboratory work, provide demonstrations, and/or on-the-job NDT instruction, training, or education programs. They are typically Certified Level III technicians who have significant field experience or, in many cases, still working in the field.

NDT Training and Certification At Amerapex

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