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13 May

The Challenges Of Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI)

Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) is an extremely common occurrence and makes up a huge chunk of pipeline maintenance costs. Even though we know about CUI and understand what causes it, the struggle remains to prevent corrosion and mitigate its' effects. What Is CUI? Corrosion Under Insulation is...

13 May

NDT Research And Development

Research & Development is a critical part of any industry and the non-destructive testing (NDT) industry is no exception. The structural integrity of pipelines is vital to the safe transport of petroleum and other liquids around the world and the ageing pipeline infrastructure is necessitating...

6 Apr

Careers In Non-Destructive Testing Houston

Careers With NDT Companies Careers in the NDT field are diverse and important. Without NDT professionals doing their jobs we wouldn't have access to many of today's most common products and services and the safety of day-to-day living would be compromised. NDT companies are tasked with...

6 Apr

NDT Pipeline Inspection Houston

Options In NDT Pipeline Inspections There are thousands of miles of pipeline crisscrossing the United States. These pipes carry water, crude oil, natural gas, and more. Most are buried underground, but that doesn't mean they are protected from harm. Even buried pipes are vulnerable to corrosion,...

6 Mar

Ensure 100% Inspection Coverage With EMAT Testing

Electromagnetic Acoustic Transducer (EMAT testing) is a form of ultrasonic testing. Like other ultrasonic tests, it is a non-destructive test, relying on acoustical wavelengths to detect flaws or identify material properties. EMAT testing is used on carbon steel and exotic alloys, using the magnetic properties of...

6 Feb

NDT Classes

What To Expect From NDT Training And Certification Services In Houston, TX Texas is a major employment hotspot for NDT technicians. As such, there are many organizations in the Houston, TX area that offer NDT training and certification services. Is it important to find a school...

6 Feb

Downhole Inspection Services in Houston

Upstream Division / Downhole Inspection Services The extreme conditions that oil and gas drilling equipment must endure make regular inspections vital to maintaining safe operations and avoiding tool failure, both of which can result in lost drill time as well as enormous costs to repair or...

6 Jan

Non-Destructive Technologies For Oil & Gas

Best NDT Techniques For Oil And Gas Industries Safety, reliability, environmental protection, government regulations, and constant demand, all mean that companies in the oil and gas industry have a strict responsibility to maintain the integrity of their equipment. Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) is the most effective way to...